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Transparent Solar is a commercial & residential solar contractor and expert in solar roofs and solar carport structures. Transparent Solar is a commercial & residential solar contractor and expert in solar roofs and solar carport structures. We have the area’s most experienced and well-trained solar technicians. Our technology is on the cutting edge of the solar industry. We set the standards for others to follow.

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    We Specialize with Solar Panel Services

    Full Residential & Commercial Solar Service Provider

    We provide expertise and effective ongoing system support, focused on maximizing the value of the solar energy assets of our customers and clients. Our company values honesty and integrity above all. We respect and seek out diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

    Solar Services Overview

    Generate your electricity with a full residential solar system from Transparent Solar. Learn how we’re helping Prosper homeowners save hundreds and protect the environment. Installing solar on your roof will help show leadership in your community while providing a very practical opportunity to invest in creating a better planet for future generations. We will customize our solution to meet your needs while making the project a simple process for you.
    Trusted by leading businesses in Prosper, Transparent Solar can provide your company with state-of-the-art solar energy solutions customized to your specific needs. Providing reliable, affordable, and renewable solutions with great long-term savings. We only work with trusted, local contractors and source the materials from the top, ethical manufactures. Our financing options make it easier for your business to go solar.
    Transparent Solar’s Utility Solar Service provides the most in-depth analysis of the nation’s largest solar market segment spanning market forecasts, policies, PPA prices, and insight into the project developer landscape. We offer you customized services and help you develop the business model which suits you best – from consulting, planning, and lead generation to customer service after project completion.

    Transparent Solar Providing Solar Services in Prosper TX

    Transparent Solar is a commercial & residential solar contractor and expert in solar roofs and solar carport structures.

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    20+ Years of Residential
    & Commercial Solar Services

    We promote a respectful and safe work environment. We value learning, knowledge-sharing, personal development, and the social contributions of our work. We empower our employees to make informed business decisions and we provide advancement opportunities to team members based upon merit. In the conduct of our business, we value safety, planning, measurement, teamwork, communication, accountability, results, and profitability.

    We prioritize our customer’s convenience that is why we are always here for our clients. We provide quality and amazing services of residential, and commercial nature.


    Our Solar Services can save you up to 70% of your monthly electric bill depending on the size of your home and usage habits.
    If you have the money to invest in solar installations and want to go solar but are worried that it wouldn’t work at your house due to low sun exposure, consider investing in innovative solar solutions.
    No. Once the system is installed, solar panels are maintenance-free and should require pretty much no maintenance, except for rinsing off any dirt or dust.
    The cost of installing solar depends on the size of the solar panel system needed, and the type, location, and angle of your roof. Because of this, the cost is different for each house. To get a free quote, schedule a free consultation with us today!

    Transparent Solar Providing Solar Services in Dallas TX

    Together we provide the thoughtful design and safe, dependable installation of distributed solar energy systems, including solar PV, and solar energy systems.

    EV Charging

    Increase your property value and meet the growing demand for EV charging. We can offer EV charging solutions to commercial & residential customers.

    Portable Solar

    We have specialized in portable solar and power solutions for many years. We are enabling the production of low-cost solar modules on a high-volume basis.


    Buying a solar inverter for use is like pre-paying your electric bill for 25 years. The cost will be far cheaper than paying for 25 years of electricity.

    BEST Solar System Service Provider

    We can guide you through every step of your renewable energy project, from site evaluation, system design, procurement, installation to operations and maintenance services. Our pre-construction solar services are designed to expedite your solar project construction. We have the capabilities, experience, and relationships necessary to get a project off the ground quickly and efficiently, from feasibility studies to system design and product procurement.

    Transparent Solar is a commercial & residential solar contractor and expert in solar services

    To ensure the quality and longevity of your solar energy system, we can provide professional solar panel maintenance services utilizing state-of-the-art technology and world-class talent to monitor and control your system’s performance continually. Also, should you have the need, we can deploy certified technicians to your project site to ensure the solar array is working optimally. We deploy our award-winning project management team and safety division to ensure your solar panel installation is completed injury-free, on time, and within budget.

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